Fire Fighting Equipments

Fire extinguishers are important equipment for any establishment or building. Use of fire extinguisher is essential in a situation of emergency which could otherwise turn into a bigger threat. They are easy to operate and a minimal training is required to learn using them. Standard Fire Solution manufactures a wide variety of Fire Extinguishers for vehicle and exports in Faridabad, Bihar and all over India to every sort of consumers. Fire Fighting Equipments are available in different specifications, our range can also be customized as per the specific requirement of our clients. They are used in hospitals, schools, petrol pumps, industrial buildings or even in residential buildings.

Mechanical Form Type Fire Extinguisher

Mechanical Form TypeMechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguishers are ideal for putting out fire generated due to burning volatile liquids and general dry material such as paper, cardboard and oil. This type of fire extinguisher is best suited for industrial establishments. We provide mechanical foam type fire extinguishers for vehicles in various sizes depending on the place of installation. We facilitate fire extinguishers from leading and authorized vendors. Rest assured, these extinguishers are manufactured from quality grade raw material.

Carbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguishers

Carbon Dioxide TypeExtinguishers play a vital role in mitigating a big threat by controlling and containing a small fire. Carbon Dioxide type fire extinguishers are deemed ideal for putting out fire in electrical circuits and flammable liquids. CO2 type fire extinguishers are generally installed in laboratories, schools, kitchens and hospitals. CO2 type extinguishers are easily refilled and are available in various sizes. The nozzle, gauge and hose of the extinguishers are of good quality. We also provide the option to attach hard horn in extinguishers if client requires so.

Mechanical Foam Extinguisher

Mechanical FoamMechanical from type extinguishers are conventional extinguishers. Although one may consider these to be outdated, they are very efficient in their application. They can be deployed to use quickly and are available in various sizes. This is the reason why several industries rely on them for safe guarding their work force and property.

Capacity (Ltrs) Discharge Time (sec) Jet Throw (Meters) Total Discharge Test Pressure kgf/cm2 Gas Cartridge Used
50 Ltrs 40 – 180 10 90% 30 300 gms

Dry Powder Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher

Dry Powder Stored Pressure Fire Extinguishers are manufactured by the companies to suitable for extinguishing fires that result due to burning of gases and flammable liquids. The dry powder in the extinguisher forms a cloud that cuts the supply of oxygen essential to carry out burning. They are used at petrol pumps or fuel gas stations. They are also used in kitchens to put out LPG fire.